Adopt-a-Family Holiday Drive 

October 30, 2020 to December 6, 2020

Children’s Place Association is committed to bringing life-changing programs to Chicago’s most vulnerable children – those overwhelmed by health issues, poverty and neighborhood violence. helping children and families facing illness and extreme poverty. Our focused model of social services, health care, education and family support lifts children out of poverty, improves their health and puts them on a path to become empowered young adults.

As part of our commitment to the children and youth we serve and to ensure the holidays are bright for everyone, Children’s Place Association coordinates an annual Adopt-a-Family Holiday Drive. Through this program, individuals and families are able to make a direct and joyous impact on children and families experiencing hardship.

For nearly three decades, generous supports have partnered with Children’s Place Association to bring toys, clothing, toiletries, household items and grocery gift cards to brighten the holiday season for those in need. In 2019, 198 families were adopted by our generous supporters – that is 834 individuals of which 500 were children.  

“I would like to thank you all so much! It means a lot to me and my family to receive gifts from people that don’t even know us personally. It shows how big of a heart you have. God Bless you all and may your family have a wonderful holiday season!”
–“Jenny”, 2019 Adopt-a-Family recipient

During this unprecedented year, COVID-19 has impacted the way in which our program will run. Our top priority is to ensure that our families, donors, volunteers and staff can participate safely. This year, we will be initiating curbside drop-offs, and all items will be sanitized before being distributed to families.

How It Works

  • Complete the Donor Registration Form and click COMPLETE.
  • Children’s Place anonymously matches you with a family or families and sends you electronic wish lists to work with. Wish lists include each family member’s age, gender, clothing sizes and wish requests.
  • Guidelines include:
    • Each child under the age of 18 should receive between two and four gifts
    • The total value of gifts per child should not exceed $100
    • Each adult 18 and over should receive a $25 gift card
    • We also ask that you provide an Aldi or Jewel grocery gift card for the family.
    • We recommend the equivalent of $10 per family member
  • When dropping off, gifts should be unwrapped and in clearly labeled boxes or bags.
  • Drop off gifts at 3059 W. Augusta, Chicago on one of the following days/times:

Make a Donation

In lieu of adopting a family, you can make a donation to the program.  Your donation will help support the purchase of additional necessities.

A Donation to Make a Difference
Monday, Nov 30
8:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday, Dec 1
8:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesday, Dec 2
8:00am – 4:00pm
Thursday, Dec 3
8:00am – 4:00pm
Friday, Dec 4
8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday, Dec 5
Noon – 4:00pm
Sunday, Dec 6
Noon – 4:00pm